Lettree was the idea that motivated me to start Caligraft and Geomerative. It's a very old idea based vaguely on Kandinsky's art and on a little exercise I did in November 2004 called LetrAbstAcción.

This applet consists in a new form of text distribution in space, by redefining very simple rules, we can get a large number of interesting results.

The rule in this applet is that characters must be joined by their serifs. This means that fonts or characters without serifs will be joined randomly.

Run the calligraphy...
(while running, type your own text and press ENTER)

Video : High res (4 M) | Low res (1 M)

  • Java Runtime Environment 1.4.2
  • OpenGL enabled graphics card

Sourcecode: lettree.pde | .. | . | LetterSet.java

Library: geomerative

Applications : GNU/Linux | MacOS X | Windows